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Yasiin Bey

"f*ck A Hook"

[Verse 1]
Hallelujah, K. Dot'll do ya
Quicker than a porno star, jump on my di*k y'all
And get f*cked by the millisecond
Duck when I pull the weapon from out of my mouth (Buh!)
Shots at you like a sawed-off
Aiming for your grill like I'm Paul Wall
Then peal 'til I not y'all
My cerebral cortex is like a war vet
Sharing war stories with the deceased, I'm brain dead
Straight bananas, I never gave a f*ck
'Bout anything but my momma, my daddy, siblings, and grandma
And if you neither one of them, then I gotta answer
Every question with a bullet hole in my hammer
Like VH1, that's far beyond your comprehension
Like a deaf person showing up to court for a hearing
Who they fearing? K. Dot
Tickle the nipples of women
Make your b*tch grab her crotch when she hear my sh*t, b*tch!

[Verse 2]
K. Dot got the unorthodox flow
On fire, make a rapper burn his soul
Murder for hire, acquire choirs for funerals
Numero uno, city in my rearview
Compton on my back like the titties of my masseuse
Pity, here you fool who?
Go against me, I rebuke thee
And wake thee up, six in the morning
With the pump, punks jump up to get beat down
Jump shot, coroners catch them on the rebound
Pans, pots, plates, bowls
I'm in your kitchen eating your stove
I'm hungry and hibernated
I'm cold as Miles Davis
I load up then I aim it
No judgment for the plaintiff
It only gets more heinous, n*gga I'm brainless
Like a blind b*tch who don't suck di*k
Dinosaur manure, big sh*t
Smell me or die quick, f*cka!
(f*ck a hook)
(jab, jab, jab, left right)
(f*ck a hook)
(Damnit, genius)

[Verse 3]
I can stand in a pool of gasoline lighting a blunt and never catch on fire
(How come?) Silly motherf*cker, I'm fire
Smack the devil over the cheek, gave him a third degree burn
Iced it down when he was asleep, and said you'll be okay
A lot of rappers are desperate to be a star by the day
They hydroplaning, hoping that they get their big break
I'm just saying, I feel I'm the one
Like a magician with a stick inside his hand, or the name of a mexican
I gets ignorant with ya
Snap me a picture, b*tch, I'm famous
I came in this world nuts in my palm and drinking Paul Masson
In a stolen Cavalier like I took LeBron
Locked him in a basement and amputated his shooting arm
(Psss) Now that's a stretch Ab-Soul
Like a fifty mile strip when I'm pimping these hoes
Call me Dolomite, nope I take that back
Found out he gay as a happy day or the way that you rap

(K. Dot got the unorthodox flow
On fire, make a rapper burn his soul
Murder for hire, acquire choirs for funerals)
(Look, ee)

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