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David Guetta & Showtek

"Listenin’ Continuous Album Mix"

In order:

1. Listenin' (Continuous Mix) Intro
2. What I Did for Love vs. S.T.O.P
3. What I Did for Love (Morten Remix)
4. Lovers on the Sun (Stadiumx Remix)
5. Yesterday vs. Lift Me Up
6. Dangerous (Robin Schulz Remix)
7. Dangerous (David Guetta Banging Remix)
8. Sun Goes Down (Brooks Remix)
9. Sun Goes Down (Hugel Remix)
10. Bang My Head (GLOWINTHEDARK Remix)
11. Hey Mama (Noodles Remix)
12. Hey Mama (Afrojack Remix)
13. Hey Mama (Club Killers Remix)
14. Hey Mama (Cesquaux & Jeremia Jones Remix)
15. I'll Keep Loving You vs. Yesterday
16. Lift Me Up vs. Bang My Head
17. S.T.O.P vs. Goodbye Friend
18. Clap Your Hands (Listenin' Continuous Mix)
19. Bad (Listenin' Continuous Mix)
20. Blast Off (Listenin' Continuous Mix)
21. Shot Me Down (Listenin' Continuous Mix)
22. The Death of EDM (Listenin' Continuous Mix)
23. Hey Mama vs. The Whisperer

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