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Prodigy of Mobb Deep

"Bobby Brown"

Tell me what have I done
To cause you grieving, baby

[Verse 1: Blu]
400 barbells ain't heavy as these
I play my tape on them n*ggas, make heaven for G's
Uh seven seas, we deeper with one speaker to run
Your nuns either we done, we [?] from the bleachers
You can see us we center in the arenas we winners
Your bench? Need to suspend em throughout the season
We [?]. gold boss you lost, stop competing we large
We go hard seven days, you a weekend n*gga uh
Trying to link with n*ggas, trying to buy links with n*ggas uh
Eat a link 'fore your teeth be in the sink n*gga
n*ggas in sync like N-sync, with n*ggas, n*ggas
Get your sh*t back in pocket, need a brinks, need a sweet
Batch of beats and a million to compete
From the west, need a bulletproof vest on the beach
Bobby Brown

[Verse 2 Clutch]
I used to like Madonna, now I like Fiona
Swimming in Vienna, screaming Beni-Hana
Not your kemo-sabe, know the Dalai Lama
Sipping on Saki, chilling with your mama
Growing marijuana, yes I am a farmer
Breeding all these strains then I push it on the corner
Uh the lonely stoner, put you in a coma
Jim told me homie owe me 40 in the morning
Pouring out a little liquor [?] for my dead folk
Slice it with a sickle it's similar to the pen stroke
I been broke but I make it [?] so let's go
Trench coat all up in your end zone 10 strong
Jumping on your chest til your head blown up
Clutch keep your mouth sewn shut
Bobby Brown

[Verse 3 Mic Holden]
I've been known to clown around, hang around underground spitters
It's time y'all keep an eye on the kid like babysitters
Oh, the major league heavy hitters; grand slamming
Look I was getting bored with this game; backgammon
I'm back blam-blamming, they keep pulling me back in
Oh, Inglewood's finest minus the mac-10, No
All I need is my mind I'm fine I'ma clap [?]
Toss him inside a coffin, talking like they want action
Nah, they don't want it, what for?
It sucks for, rappers after us 4 we bust raw
Rocking for heads like Mt. Rushmore, that's what all the fuss for
Heavy on the track, train n*ggas how to rap
Get it? Nah they won't get it til they wig splitted, dummies
Walking round rocking that Gumby
Bobby Brown

[Verse 4 Definite Mass]
All beef disintegrates when we create the masterpiece
Fire up competition like digits to blast the heat
Cause in my presence y'all peasants and I'm your majesty
Y'all court jesters of this industry it's sad to see
I lay my game down cause sh*t just ain't the same now
Refuse to be devoured got soul power like James Brown
Mad cause I came round, rocked spots in your same town
After we hit the stage, no one recalls your name now
The world's my playground, economy's in recess
The policy is respect, we clowning all the rejects
If this sh*t was a game then you'd probably press the reset
Schooling on this console and I ain't reach my peak yet
Yeah I hear talking but all I'm hearing is weak threats
I can't take all the credit cause y'all n*ggas in deep debt

Tell me what have I done
To cause you grieving
And make you wanna leave me this way

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